Back with another Authortube Tag about world-building, this time I was tagged by Cimone Watson. In this tag, I’ll be answering questions about the Elohim Universe and my current WIP Time To Let Go.

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1) Briefly describe your story premise and the world in which it takes place.
2) Are their any wars or conflict effecting your characters life?
3) Tell us a little about your MC’s family and/or culture.
4) What dangers does your MC face, or what does your MC fear?
5) Are there holidays in your world that don’t exist in the real world? How are they celebrated? If not, what is your characters favourite holiday or thing to do during holidays?
6) Back in the day, how does your MC’s generation differ from their parent’s or grandparent’s?
7) How do people get around in this world?
8) What do people eat in your world and what is your character’s favourite food?
9) What games/fun things does you’re character do as a small child?
10) What do people in general do for fun in you’re world?
11) What’s a song that’s well known in your world?
12) Are their any other pop culture references?
13) What Language does you’re MC speak? What slang, expressions, etc. are common in their culture?
14) What does your main characters culture consider important and what does you’re MC specifically consider important?
15) What ‘rites of passage’ are in your world and what is you’re MC looking forward to, if any?
16) What legend or folk tales are popular in your world?
17) Tell us a fun fact(s) about your characters world.

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