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Title: Revival (Prologue)
Series: Revival #1
Genre: , ,
Published by: Fallen Queen Press
Contributors: Trynda E. Adair
Release Date: November 01, 2012
ISBN13: 978-1-988755-11-3

Join a mother and daughter as they travel through the post-apocalyptic world; putting their relationship to the test in their search for a place in this strange new world. The first installment in a series of short stories.

“We interrupt this broadcast to report an incoming attack. Seek shelter immediately. Stay away from all –”

Sirens began to wail making me want to cover my ears.

“Quickly, into the shelter,” my grandma whispered. My mother picked me up in her arms and rushed to the basement. Over my mother's shoulder I could see the horizon growing brighter and brighter with every passing second.

“Mommy, why is the sky turning white?” My mother did not turn to look, she turned and ran.


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